October 30, 2016

Credit Repair Companies

Find the best Credit Repair Company

There is a lot you can do to improve and repair your credit yourself…and this site will show you how.  But depending on the situation, it can take time and get complicated.  Our free resources are a fantastic first step to repairing your credit….but if you need a bigger result fast, then you need to contact a professional.

There are a number of companies out there that specialize in working with the credit bureaus to repair people’s credit.  Credit Repair companies have teams of lawyers, special software and years of experience helping people improve their credit profile quickly.  They know the tricks and latest techniques to remove “derog” (derogatory) items from a credit report including late payments, liens, repossessions, etc.

Take our word for it…this can be priceless, IF you find the right shop.  There are alot of credit repair agencies that are happy to waste your time and money with information you could get on this site for free.  If you’re going to pay for a credit repair service, then pay for quality.  You want one that will truly do what you can’t and get the results you want.  We used to be in the credit repair business so we know what to look for and below are the top rated companies that we recommend.

Lexington Law

Call Now: 1-(855) 793-5512
Why we like them:

  • Free Consultation
  • Over 2 decades of Experience
  • 7+ million negative credit items removed each year

These guys have been around a long time and are heavyweights in this space.  They have dealt with everything and are one of the most respected and reputable credit repair companies around.  If you have a credit problem you can’t fix then call these guys.


Call Now: 1-(844) 764-9826
Why we like them:

  • Been In Business Since 1997
  • Offers 24/7 Credit Monitoring and Alerts
  • Personalized Online Dashboard With Credit Score Tracker

This group has been around forever and is a great option for someone that wants 24/7 tracking.  They have a nice dashboard for clients which allows 24/7 monitoring and credit-score tracking.